Mazaika 3.7 (mosaic software)

Mazaika 3.7

Mosaic Software

Every now and then you stumble across little gems of software on the internet and this is definitely one. I have really enjoyed playing around with software making Mosaics from holiday pictures, weddings pictures etc, so I thought I’d share it with you!

What is a Mosaic?

Mosaic is an image assembled from small pieces of some material. In a photo mosaic these pieces are small images by itself. When you look at a photo mosaic from a distance, you see one big image, but as you move close, you understand that it’s not just a single, large picture but rather a collection of small, separate images. Pretty Cool!

What is Mazaika?

Mazaika is the ONLY photo mosaic program that allows manual changes to every single tile in the finished mosaic. If you don’t like an image, substitute it with another matching candidate image! And even more! You might insert custom images as a sort of personal signature, or as a hidden picture riddle (as in a “Where are they?” puzzle book). Or you might need to make sure that a particularly well-liked image is not passed over as a tile; for example that Uncle Ernie appears somewhere in your final mosaic.

Mazaika is Try-Before-Buy Software so why not get your free trial and give it a whirl.

If you need instructions on how to use it check out this video. (Robot voice is a little hard to understand!)

Here is an example of Mazaika in action. (zoom in and out to see image tiles used! Fantastic!)

It is really simple!